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Would you like to be an engineer?

Engineers create new things and make life easier for all of us. Many of them have known they wish to become an engineer ever since they were little. As a child, they would sometimes take things apart to see how they worked or what was inside them. Are you good at solving problems? Are you interested in topics related to mathematics and science? Do you like to study, measure, sort and compare things? Or would you like to create something new and discover better alternatives to replace the ones currently in use? Then you have what it takes to become an engineer!

Engineers are needed

The new generation of engineers need a more diverse set of competencies than before: logic, creativity and social skills. Engineers have a unique ability to develop and create new things and apply them in practice. Aspects highlighted in the work of engineers today include securing the development of humanity and the well-being of the environment. Engineers are in a key position to carry forward the message of the importance of issues related to nature and the environment and have a genuine opportunity to impact the future of the planet. It may not be that much of an exaggeration to say that when it comes to saving the planet, engineers are today’s superheros!

How do I become an engineer?

In Finland, engineering degrees are offered by 19 Finnish-language and two Swedish-language universities of applied sciences.

To become an engineer, apply in the joint application system for universities of applied sciences. For further information on the degree programmes, visit the websites of universities of applied sciences or www.opintopolku.fi. For programmes offered in English, see www.studyinfo.fi.

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